SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Cahokia) passed legislation that would make community resources available for women suffering from postpartum depression.

The measure advises the Department of Human Services to develop educational materials about maternal mental health conditions, post-hospital treatment options and community resources to be provided in hospitals.

“It’s common for women to have postpartum depression after giving birth,” Belt said. “This measure brings awareness and acceptance to this health issue and supports women in getting the help they need.” 

Maternal mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety and postpartum psychosis, affect one in five women during or after pregnancy. 

“Maternal mental health conditions are very treatable, but not everyone knows how to seek help,” Belt said. “To ensure the safety of mothers and their children, we must educate everyone and require hospitals to put procedures in place to detect postpartum symptoms.”    

House Bill 3511 passed the Senate and now goes back to the House for concurrence.