BeltSb17541SPRINGFIELD – To take excess burden off prior law enforcement and county corrections officers from other states when seeking employment in Illinois, State Senator Christopher Belt advanced a measure through the Senate Wednesday.

“Streamlining the process for these qualified and experienced officers will ensure that they can continue to serve their communities without unnecessary delay,” said Belt (D-Swansea). “When these already qualified individuals come to Illinois, it only makes sense for them to not have to undergo the same training processes again.”

Senate Bill 1754 would require The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board to create an employment waiver process for a person previously employed and qualified as a law enforcement or county corrections officer under federal law or the laws of any other state.

Under current law, all law enforcement and county corrections officers in Illinois are required to meet specific training standards set by LETSB before they can be employed in the state. Belt’s measure streamlines the process in an effort to recruit qualified candidates to fill law enforcement roles.

“It can be time consuming and costly to make already qualified people go through additional hurdles. It also can deter people from seeking employment in Illinois,” said Belt. “This measure will save time and resources, while maintaining public safety.”

Senate Bill 1754 passed the Senate Wednesday and now heads to the House for further action.