HB 2487SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Christopher Belt championed a new law that will establish the Justice40 Oversight Committee to bring forth federal climate and clean energy investments to disadvantaged communities.

“Representing a district with various disadvantaged communities, this initiative has the potential to enhance these affected areas,” said Belt (D-Swansea). “By creating this committee, residents can be assured that Illinois is taking action and prioritizing investments in climate and clean energy in our most vulnerable communities.”

The federal government created the Justice40 initiative to confront and address decades of underinvestment in disadvantaged communities. The initiative is to deliver at least 40% of the overall benefits from federal investments in climate change and clean energy to disadvantaged communities.

The new law will create the Justice40 Oversight Committee to advance this federal initiative in the state. The committee will be responsible for compiling findings, conclusions and recommendations regarding environmental justice and uses of federal funds for climate change and clean energy purposes.

“This shows that Illinois is ahead of the game when it comes to transitioning to a clean energy economy,” said Belt. “It further ensures the most vulnerable communities are not left behind while doing so.”

House Bill 2487 was signed on Friday and goes into effect immediately.