05222019CW0374EAST ST. LOUIS – As the country faces a critical shortage of blood donations, State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Centreville) asks African Americans to donate blood to aid patients with sickle cell disease.

“Donating blood could save someone’s life, which is why I am using my platform to bring awareness to this donation shortage,” Belt said. “African Americans are primarily affected by sickle cell disease, so it is of utmost importance that African Americans donate blood that can be used by sickle cell patients for transfusions.”

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EAST ST. LOUIS – State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Centreville) released the following statement after Gov. JB Pritzker signed a budget that supports the most vulnerable populations and helps people impacted by COVID-19:

“We are well aware that Illinois’ financial recovery will not happen overnight, but with the signing of this budget, we made sure the most disadvantaged communities hit by COVID-19 receive the help they deserve. Seniors will receive additional funding for the Senior Meals Program and the Community Care Program, which allows seniors to stay within the confinements of their home instead of moving to assisted living facilities. 

“Additionally, more than $200 million is set aside to help businesses effected by COVID-19 in downstate communities. Also, people who have been laid off will receive more help from the Department of Employment Security to help address the challenges with the unemployment system. This is a great first step toward our state’s financial recovery.”

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05302019CM0592EAST ST. LOUIS - In order to continue to make students and teachers educational experience from home easier, State Senator Christopher Belt, supported an education package to help with the obstacles many are facing during the public health crisis. 

“Many students who have been forced to give up their regular school session have experienced a greater disadvantage when it comes to remote learning due to a lack of resources. Some do not have access to technology to get on daily zooms, which leads to students having difficult time staying connected. “Belt said. “It’s important educators and students are equipped with the right tools to ensure this current reality runs smoothly.”

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30102019CM0492EAST ST. LOUIS — As many small businesses across the state worry about the financial hardships created by the COVID-10 pandemic, State Senator Christopher Belt announced new funding for small business development centers to help businesses get through this difficult time. 

“Small businesses are vital parts of local economies. They help create webs of financial gain and job opportunities, which is beneficial to our communities,” Belt (D-Centreville) said. “Many businesses will not be able to recover if they don’t receive additional assistance.”

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